Saturday, May 14, 2011

Brazilian Roots.......

I was just sitting around watching re-runs of Family Guy when I got a call from my aunt Sulie. She is my FAVORITE and aunt and my biggest critic when it comes to losing weight. She is part of my moms mothers side of the family which is from Salvador Brazil and she now live in Rio de Janeiro where she teaches at a samba school in the tourist district. Anywho.........she is always asking about my weight and giving me helpful tips, but today was the first day she's ever seen my blog. And she doesn't like it!!! WTF!?! HOLD ON........She's far more shallow than I ever could be and she doesn't like it!! LOL. When I finally asked her why.....she said the girls on my thinspro are too skinny. Okay......she's 53....5'7.....126lbs....and PERFECT! So I didn't understand. She finally explained......and now I question it "SKINNY" that I want to be? What is "SKINNY"? My aunt said something that hit me........"you don't need to be skinny to feel good, you need to look good to feel good because even if you're not skinny, you still can look good".
Now that I think about it.....even when I was 118 pounds......I wasn't skinny. I guess its my Afro-Brazilian root.

I think I'd rather look like this.........
(In shape and sexy)

Than this.......
(Boney and skinny)
Don't get me wrong, I love bones.....just in the right places

NEW THINSPRO...including the beautiful samba dancers of Brazil!!


  1. My hubby actually complained that I lost weight in my butt. LOL! I'll never be "skinny". Don't wanna be. Fit and strong instead is what it's all about for me!

  2. Very true........even when I weighed less than 100 pounds I was still very curvy. I never had the "boney" figure....but thats what made me different.