Monday, June 13, 2011

4 POUNDS DOWN this week....

This is a bitter sweet loss for me. I did turn to my ugly friend Phentermine but I don't think that's what did it. I've been struggling with the relationship between my ex and I and I have been so depressed over it. I loved him so much and he just keeps breaking my heart. Yesterday I made the decision that I can't do it anymore and I am not going to contact him at all. We had a rough 3 years and he is actually a amazing person and I don't think I will ever stop loving him. I miss him every minute of everyday but in doing so I have forgotten to love myself. And truly, I am the only person that can make me happy. I really want to be happy with someone one day but maybe its not today. I definitely have to get back to the old me and enjoy life on my own. I think losing him will give me the motivation to keep losing weight.....when you lose weight weight, you find confidence and nothing feels better than new found confidence. :o)
I have a friend that really wants to get to know me better and I constantly avoid meeting up with him because I feel bad that he is super ripped and in shape and i'm a little chunkster. I think I feel like he shouldn't be attracted to me but he keeps trying.......I think i'll give him a call in a couple of weeks.....he's really hot so I've been reluctant. Oh well, a better day is ahead and i'm looking forward to enjoying every moment life has to offer. It wont be easy, true love is a hard to put aside, and I say put aside because if its true love, it never fades.....and I truly love him. The days of crying on my bathroom floor are still here and they will be for a while but hopefully soon I will be able to say that there is no more sadness and only good times from this day on! 


  1. GL on your weightloss :)

    dont put your life on hold cause of your weight.. Call your friend and have fun with him. It might even motivate you to do better. GL

  2. Hi, ive been following you for awhile.. i have a stubborn 10 pounds i want off! ive never tried Phentermine....whats it about that you dont seems to be working for you! i was thinking i should try it! can you pick it up at any health store?
    keep it up!!